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  • Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)
  • Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)
  • Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)
  • Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)
  • Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)
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Bay Tree (Laurus Nobilis) Standard 50cm Crown Head Door or Patio Planter (Complete)


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Our Service & Product Info

This is a truly stunning Bay tree door planter from the best Belgian grower (Also available as a matched pair - please email us or call).  The quality is easy to see with the superb strong crown head that is dense and lush.  We have planted this in a finial wood planter that was hand made in the UK by a superb local company and then we have underplanted with French lavender and finally topped off with 40mm Welsh Plumb slate for that final luxury finish.  You will get the item as shown here, fully complete, fully planted and ready to simply put in place.  The Green bushy crowns on top of a clear straight stem look so stylish, perfect for beside your front door or used on your decking or patio.  We cannot stress enough that we show the same item as you will receive.  Many other retailers show you ideas of how your tree will look in time rather than how it looks today.  Your happiness is our reputation. 

Above are pictures of our actual items we will supply including the quality wood, hand made planters (including choice of decorative stone), shot in our own studio so that you can get some scale of the item you are looking to purchase.  If you look you will also see measurements marked on our studio brick wall so that you can see exact heights.  This a relatively heavy item but can be put in place by two peaple with ease.

A note from our founder:-

"Hi, my name is Paul Meakin, and I founded Bentleys.  I really appreciate you taking the time to look at our products as I have taken a number of years to find the best suppliers in Europe so that you can have the best quality trees and plants.  To many you are just another customer but to me and my team you create our reputation and we only want to deliver the best to you.  If at any time you are unhappy with your purchase then you are free to call or email me and I will personally deal with any problem you may have - Paul, Bentleys Founder"

Our Bay trees have been cared for and hand trimmed over a number of years to get to this beautiful shape and quality and it has been planted in the finest quality container compost to promote strong and healthy growth.

Our Topiary has been hand trimmed over a number of years to get to this beautiful shape. The bay tree is a popular evergreen shrub suitable for containers or growing in the ground. Kept neatly clipped, the dark-green foliage can create stunning formal shapes that make an entrance or look perfect on a patio. Bay leaves can be used fresh or dried and are used in cooking to give a fragrant flavour to soups, stews and other dishes.  Our Bay trees are supplied from the finest growers across Europe.  This particular tree was grown by one of our award winning growers in Belgium.

Common name Bay tree, sweet bay, bay laurel
Botanical name Laurus nobilis
Group Evergreen shrub
Flowering time Spring
Planting time April to September
Height and Spread Up to 7.5m (23ft) unless clipped
Aspect Full sun or partial shade
Hardiness Generally hardy to -5%u00b0C (23%u00b0F) but can withstand lower temperatures in sheltered postitions. Bay is hardier when planted in the ground
Difficulty Easy


The Baytree tree originated in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region, but it has been cultivated in northern Europe and in America for years.

For the Greeks and Romans it was a symbol of wisdom and glory. They crowned kings, poets, Olympic champions and victorious generals with wreaths made from shiny, leathery bay leaves.


The main reason you should buy from Bentleys is because we show you exactly what you are buying, not an image of what your purchase will look like in years to come, like many others.  We show you genuine images shot in our own studios of the item you are buying......ALSO



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